Meeting Serious Charges With An Aggressive Defense

Criminal charges can result in serious consequences. Whether felony or misdemeanor in scope, the penalties from a conviction can upend your life to devastating degrees. When your freedom is in peril, you need an attorney who will put forth a vigorous defense — at The Law Office of John W. Hodges, Jr. PLLC, I offer nothing less.

An Experienced Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

I have a long, accomplished history as a criminal defense lawyer, and I have helped numerous clients with an array of charges, from DUI/DWI, rape and sexual assault, to white collar crime. I mount an impassioned defense for every case. Some of the offenses that I routinely defend include:

  • DUI/DWI and traffic-related crimes: Drunk driving charges have the power to strip you of your license, livelihood and even freedom. These charges can be particularly serious when an accident is involved. I work hard to help my clients get back on track.
  • Violent crimes: Assault and robbery charges carry serious penalties that can potentially follow you for the rest of your life. I understand that these types of cases demand a strong defense.
  • Sexual assault: Charges of sexual assault can have severe consequences. I have both prosecuted and defended such cases, and I offer a uniquely experienced approach to my clients.
  • Drug offenses: A drug crime can leave a permanent blemish on your record, which is why I fight for my clients' ability to course-correct and move forward.
  • White collar crime: Charges related to money laundering or embezzlement can often escalate to a federal level. I have the tenacity and experience to defend these serious cases.

Criminal charges, regardless of their severity, can be daunting for anybody. I understand the stress and anxiety that can come from facing a criminal case, and I use a responsive, thorough approach to put my clients at ease.

I Can Start Building Your Defense Today

Call my Bulverde office today so I can begin evaluating your case. I can be reached by voice or text at 210-714-0924. You can also send me an email via my contact page and I will follow up with you as soon as possible.